Net Neutrality Disclosures

Following is Palmerton Telephone Company’s (PTC) disclosure in response to the Federal Communication Commission’s “Net Neutrality” order. This disclosure repeats items found in the acceptable use policy found on the PenTeleData (PTD) website. For clarity, PTD is the network manager and broadband provider to PTC. Customer must abide by the policies of both PTD and PTC.

  1. Network Management practices.
    1. Broadband Bandwidth: PTC offers multiple tiers of high speed Internet access with different speeds (not all packages are available in all areas).
    2. IP traffic sent to customers on ports TCP 25, TCP 80, TCP 443, TCP 445, TCP 1080, TCP 6667-6669, TCP 1433-1434, TCP&UDP 135-139, TCP&UDP 67 are blocked for security and network management reasons to minimize customer’s computers from being virus infected through well-known vulnerabilities and/or to avoid infected or hostile computers from affecting other users’ computers.
    3. Customers will receive either 2 dynamic public IP addresses acquirable via DHCP or may receive 2 dynamic private IP’s behind Network Address Translation (NAT) via DHCP. Customers that receive NAT’d private IP’s will have all inbound ports blocked that aren’t opened as a result of an outbound request due to the operation of NAT.
    4. PTC sells and rents modems that work on the PTC network. Customers may utilize their own ADSL2+ modems upon registration of the modem’s MAC address.
  2. Performance Characteristics:
    Not all levels of service are available at every location. Available levels of service may be dependent upon the distance to PTC equipment. If the level of service you request is not available upon the installation test, you will be offered the closest available speed at its corresponding price. PTC provides five levels of service:

    1. Accelerate 1.5 – 1.5 Mbps downstream 256 kbps upstream; Accelerate 3.0 – 3 Mbps downstream 320 kbps upstream; Accelerate 5.0 – 5 Mbps downstream 1 Mbps upstream; Accelerate 10.0 10 Mbps downstream 1 Mbps upstream.
    2. The expected and actual speeds with average latency of seventeen m/s, are the advertised speed. The speed of the service is tested upon installation and does not fluctuate within the PTC network.
    3. Terms and Conditions – use of PTC’s service is subject to the PTD acceptable use policy found at, a copy of which is available at point of sale.
  3. Service Termination/Suspension:
    PTC and PTD reserve the right to terminate and/or suspend service in the event the account is identified as violating the terms and conditions or the acceptable use policy. PTC or PTD will make a reasonable attempt to contact the customer prior to suspension or termination of service.
  4. No Blocking:
    PTC does not block or reduce speed of any specific legal traffic. Upon proper notice and direction from law enforcement authorities, PTC through PTD will block access, to the extent practical, to specific websites that provide illegal content such as child pornography.
  5. No unreasonable discrimination:
    PTC does not block or rate control specific protocols or applications. Some protocol ports, as indicated above, may be blocked for network security reasons.
  6. Privacy:
    Privacy policies are found at and at the point of sale. PTD will provide subscriber information including IP address and network connection logs to law enforcement in response to subpoenas, search warrants, court orders and upon written request in the event of an emergency. PTC will disclose customer information in response to civil subpoenas but will use reasonable efforts to contact customer in advance so that customer has the opportunity to challenge the validity of the subpoena. PTC will not challenge the validity of subpoenas on customer’s behalf.
  7. Contact:
    Network questions:; 1-800-281-3564;
    Customer service: 610 826-6650;
    Palmerton Telephone Company P.O. Box 215, 465 Delaware Avenue, Palmerton PA 18071