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We now offer the Val-YOU Package!

Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling for ONLY $39.49* per month!

The Val-YOU Package, created for YOU, includes your dial tone telephone line, Three-Way Calling, Touchtone Service, Call Forwarding, Repeat Call, Call Waiting, Voice Mail, Return Call Service, Caller ID Deluxe and Unlimited local and long distance calling within the Continental United States!

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Basic, Single party residential service includes the following features: Call Forwarding, 3-way Calling, Call Forwarding ( all calls), Speed Dialing and Repeat Call. Call Waiting is a free optional service.

Call Forwarding – This service allows the programming of an access line to automatically switch incoming calls to another number. Toll rates apply if calls are forwarded to numbers outside the local calling area.

Call Waiting – This service allows a subscriber using the phone to be alerted to an incoming call and will be able to switch between the two (2) calls. A deactivation feature allows Call Waiting subscribers to deactivate Call Waiting by dialing a special code. The Call Waiting feature will automatically be reactivated when the call is terminated.

3-Way Calling – With this service, a three-way conversation can be arranged by simply dialing the numbers. 3-Way Calling may also be used by a Customer who has Call Waiting to deactivate Call Waiting during a call.

Speed Dialing – This service lets you call frequently called numbers by dialing one or two digits. Speed calling is available in either 8 or 30 number capacities. These numbers can be either local or long distance. Call Forward Busy Line – Forward your calls to a different number when your line is busy. Activate this service by dialing *50 (tone) 1150 (rotary) Deactivate by dialing *51 (tone) 1151 (rotary) per month residence $3.00 per month business $5.00

Call Forward No Answer – Forward your calls to a different number when you do not answer. Activate this service by dialing *53, number of rings you want your phone to ring before call forwarding, destination number. Deactivate by dialing *55 (tone) 1155 (rotary) per month residence $3.00 per month business $5.00

Roboblock – One type of call, a spoofed robocall, utilizes a fake Caller ID display to hide the caller’s true identity. This trick, known as spoofing, helps robocallers get around the Do Not Call registry, which allows consumers to block calls from telemarketers. Scammers have also used spoofing to trick people into thinking a call is coming from the IRS, a bill collector, or other important matter. Adding RoboBlock as a feature to your telephone service blocks callers who use fake Caller ID numbers and costs only $1 per month. Just call our office if you’d like to add it.

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