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About Us, Palmerton TelephonePalmerton Telephone is a local telephone company covering approximately 100 square miles in Carbon and Monroe Counties in Pennsylvania. We offer services ranging from basic telephone service to high-speed DSL Internet access as well as voicemail and other standard services like Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and 3-way Calling.

We offer residential high-speed DSL Internet access packages to fit any budget starting at just $19.95 a month with download speeds up to 5 Mbps and we offer business services including CENTREX and PBX phone systems and more—call us today to find out what we can do for you!

Palmerton Telephone is committed to serving our communities in every way that we can—from putting up holiday decorations every year in Palmerton to helping out the local Wildlife Information Center and assisting and encouraging our own employees to volunteer in their communities.

The cornerstone of service from Palmerton Telephone is to provide Lifeline/universal service. Lifeline/Universal service is about making access to local telephone networks available at an affordable price to anyone who wants it.

Palmerton Telephone Company with an over 100 year history continues to engineer and advance technology for tomorrow while providing reliability and quality service that Pennsylvanians count on today and will count on into the future.

Constantly working to improve your serviceAll of us at the Palmerton Telephone Company are constantly working to improve your telephone service. From construction crews to customer service—we work hard to keep your service at its absolute best. To give you an idea of what we do, here are some Palmerton Telephone facts that might even “WOW” you a bit:

The Palmerton Telephone Company covers an area of 100 square miles that includes parts of both Carbon and Monroe Counties. With such a large service area, our crews keep busy maintaining all of the cables and poles that make up the Palmerton Telephone network.

We currently maintain 631 miles of copper telephone cables, both aerial and underground—plus an additional 56 miles of fiber optic cables. If we placed all the copper wires end-to-end they would stretch to just over 108,000 miles—that means they would go around the earth just over 4 times at the equator!

Our investment is not fixed only to our cables that make up our telephone network, but also the land, buildings, and other equipment necessary to keep everything running smoothly throughout the year.

By the end of 2005, our investment in land, buildings, poles, cables, wires, central office equipment, computers, office furniture, vehicles and tools—all necessary to maintain and improve service to our customers—totaled over $28,000,000!

We also operate a fleet of 28 vehicles including a small trailer to transport poles to job sites and a large diesel line truck used for digging holes, setting poles, and handling large reels of cable.

Palmerton Telephone owns just over 4,000 poles of various sizes—from 25 feet to 60 feet in length—all of which are necessary to bring you the quality of service you’ve come to expect from Palmerton Telephone.

All of these things are done to ensure 100% up-time of your telephone service. If there are any service interruptions, crews are on emergency standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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Section Index to Palmerton Telephone Co. Tariff PA. P.U.C. No. 5

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8YY Access Charge Supplement – effective July 1, 2023
PENDING SUPPLEMENT – Issued July 22, 2022
PENDING SUPPLEMENT – Issued July 29, 2021
PENDING SUPPLEMENT – Issued November 21, 2019
Guide/ Subject Index – UPDATED, effective August 1, 2021
Section 1 – General Regulations
Section 2 – Local Dialtone Rates
Section 3 – Service Connection Charges – UPDATED, effective December 1, 2019
Section 4 – Mileage Charges & Leased Lines
Section 5 – Construction and Attachment Charges
Section 6 – Miscellaneous Service and Equipment – UPDATED, effective August 1, 2021
Section 7 – Private Branch Exchange Service
Section 8 – Pay Telephone Line Service
Section 9 – Reserved for Future Use
Section 10 – Universal Emergency Service Number – 911
Section 11 – Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
Section 12 – High Capacity – 1.544 Mbps Service
Section 13 – Digital Data Service – 56Kbps
Section 14 – Promotional Offerings
Section 15 – Local Measured Service (LMS)